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An accessible alternative
to HTML5 CSS resets

gd.css styles all visible HTML elements in line with modern best practice. It focusses only on HTML tags so you can just write HTML (no classes) and make pages like this.

Getting started

Like most CSS libraries, all you need to do is include the library in your HTML. To do this just link to this sheet (or download and link to your own URL):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

I couldn't figure out how to setup the GOV.UK prototype toolkit,
so writing this seemed like the simple thing to do.
- Steve Hawkes (author)

Feedback welcome

To demo the form styles, and also get real feedback, this is a little form so you can get in touch.

It would be especially awesome to hear about how and where you've used this!

How to contribute

This is a great project to contribute to, no complex tooling setup, just make changes to the gd.css file as pull request on GitHub.

Send feedback


Key stats

  • 157 CSS selectors
  • 105 documented tag styles
  • ~120 HTML5 tags considered
  • ~90 HTML5 tags are visible
  • Only 21kb uncompressed
  • Only one class (accessible hide)

Lighthouse audit results

  • 💯 Performance
  • 💯 Accessibility
  • 💯 Best Practice
  • 💯 SEO
  • Tested to WCAG 2.0 AA
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